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| Web Design & Help |
FreeWare Tools for Web Masters:
  1. EasyHTML- HTML editor. Great for anyone. Wonderful tool for learing HTML. Changes you make are shown to you in the built in browser window making HTML editing easy.
  2. Tripod- Although some say its for n00bs, tripods pop-up ads are so easily hacked out. (see Ad Killing). And they allow all most all types of file. 20 MB is alot but you can have as many acounts as you want so get 2 acounts. And you have 40 MB of space
  3. Image host. For bigger images make a seperate acount to avoid bandwidth problems.
  4. My Every emot you would ever want. You need to d/l them to your own server though as they change URLs every month.
  5. URL redirector. No ads. And the sub domain is small. your website can be something like Its great for sites that want to look more better.
| Web Design |
If you have a problem with your website we would like to help. All questions should be either posted on our forums. (CLICK HERE) or sent to me. at CotBC(AT)charter(DOT)com

We at game currently do web site design for free. If you would like your website or ezboard to have a template mad for it then please place a post in the forums. We have can make a layout for your website or board. FREE.
| Color Chart |
Picking colors can be confusing but using this color chart you know that the browser supports the color. THis chart shows all 512 standard colors and there HEX value (RGB). Using this chart you will know that the browser supports the color you want.