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This page explains how most people crack passwords. It is designed to help webmasters create safer sites from the riff raff that might want to do harm to your site.

Most Password crackers use a program called Brutus (brutus) Brutus is a remote PW cracker used by script kiddies and Uber 1337 h4x0rs. Its the only PW cracker out there (that works) and is the standard for PWs. Brutus is such a good program becuase it requires little more than than the URL of your webpage to crack an HTML forum PW (found on eZboard) The user inputs a range (exp. 1-8 ALPHA, NUMERICAL, Lower and Upper Case) Brutus then tries ALL possible combintions in that range (at a rate of anywhere from 100-300 tries per second) If the PW is in that range the cracker is in. Its that simple.

To avoid this try picking a PW that is at least 8 digits long. Letters and Numbers, Special Char. (!@#$%& ect) and Upper and Lower case. To help use this script
First character can be: Number Lowercase Uppercase Other
Latter characters can be: Number Lowercase Uppercase Other
Password length:
Extra password characters:

New password: