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Game Conn would like a link back on your site or board below is a text box containing the code to place our link button on your website. It spawns in a new window so dont be worried about visitors leaving your site when they go to mine.

Got a website? We'd like to hear about it. Send me an e-mail at CotBC(AT)charter(DOT)net

That e-mail address was "Munged" I do that so that auto e-mail harvestor spiders cant take my e-mail from the web. Spammers use these proggys to search the internet for e-mail addresses. Then they're added to a list. at the end of the day the list is shipped of (for $$$) to differenent spammers. They then send you e-mail you didnt want. Protect your self! Dont post your e-mail like this

If you do, your asking for spam!