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 Getting Rid of the GeoCities Watermark AdSquare

GeoCities, the FWP everyone loves to hate, has officially dropped its watermark and popups for a new cash cow, called the AdSquare. Like the evil Watermark, it is a DHTML monstrosity that uses Cascading Style Sheets to embed a flickering Yahoo ad in the upper-right corner of your page. Conventional Wisdom states that this ad is poised to become even more heavily animated in the not-too-distant future, and begin floating around the screen in much the same manner as the Watermark. Unlike the Watermark, however, viewers will be able to remove the ad from a single page by clicking a "close" button on the ad itself and view portions of the page that may be underneath it.

To get rid of the ad, make the following modifications at the end of your homepage:

<noscript><table bgColor="#ffffff"><td><font color="#ffffff"><plaintext>

Black represents your page's existing HTML code (don't need to change it)
Blue represents the "subversion" code to add to your page.
Red represents the server's ad-code garbage, which you want to eliminate using the blue code.
Green represents something to change--change the table/text colour to match the background of your page (for IE users)

This will tell the browser that all the GeoCrap tacked on is meant to be viewed as text (not run as a Javascript), and hides all this stuff in an unclosed table definition (meaning it will be invisible to users of Netscape and other REAL browsers). If they use IE, the AdSquare code will appear at the bottom with the same colour as your page's background. If you use a background graphic on your page, see below. Remember, there's no such thing as </plaintext>!

Kirk writes in with the following code for those with a background graphic:

<noscript><table background="pic name.jpg"><td><font color="#ffffff"><plaintext>

No guarantees that it'll line up perfectly, but your background graphic will appear at the end of the page instead of a white square (IE users).