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FAQ index for commen Emu Q's-

1. Emu
2. ROMs
3. Leagle Stuff

1. EMU

Emulation is the porting of console or arcade games to the computer. These programes imitate the hardware of the game console or arcade machine. Like all game platforms, they are no use with out software, ROMs. ROMs or ROM images, are the game files needed to run the game on your computer. Most ROMs come in .zip format. But for most emulaters you dont need to unzip them. Infact, if you do they may not function properly.

2. ROMs

ROMs are the games themselves. In zip format. They require an emulater to play them. As with game consoles you cant play an SNES ROM on an atari emulater. You need an emulater for every system that you want to play ROMs with (with the exception of MAME that emulates multiple arcade machines)

3. Leagle

Really, you are supposed to own the game pack that you d/l. Or you have to delete the ROM within 24 Hrs. But NO ONE does. There is no way you will ever get into any kind of trouble by keeping ROMs more than the leagle amount of time. I have had ROMs I dont own on my computer for 2 years.