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| Black List | Last Updated 7-17-02
Here is a list (the most up to date in my knowladge) of all the ezboard trouble makers currently roaming the net. The info is not to be used as the be all end all ban list, just a reference guide for you to make a better choice for your board.
| eZboard Members |
Although the names are fairly current, be on the look out for variations of the name. As these people are often banned, but come back just as fast with a new IP and a new eZboard acount. (usually similiar to the one that was banner) Names will be all in bold. Groups of names put together are 1 person.

-Liquid generation
Willy Wonka
BLue Rennamon

Status: Active
Offence: Spammer & Hacker

Status: Active
Offence: Spammer
Help Us: You can help by watching for him. If you find him posting spam or posting threads against the rules of your board then place a post in the THEFT and CRIME forums.

Status: Banned & Locked
Offence: Knock Off Board

-SpecialK 2
Status: Active
Offence: Suspected of hacking/ripping
Help Us: You can help by watching for him. If he does anything to deface your board. Please place an post in the THEFT and CRIME forums.

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