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| News | 8-1-02
Sorry for the late update ive been working on a top secret project. Also my internet connection has been down for the last 2 weeks. But it wouldnt have mattered anyway, I havent been at my computer for awhile. I also hope to have the eZboard templates up soon with screen shots of each. They should be done in about 3-4 weeks. I'll hurry and get 1 or 2 up quickly so that you can see them. Also, I will be adding a news archive section so that the main page dosnt get so big.

I thought I would share with you my latest distraction from work (lol) I recently discovered a game called advance Wars. For the GBA. I dont have advanced wars so I d/l the ROM version. The game rocks! Here is a link to the ROM plus the best emulater for the GBA 3v3r made. Its called visual Boy Advanced. And im sure thoughs of you that have been using emulaters already know about it. I also recently got a game pad for my computer. NO MORE KEYBOARD! Although I got pretty good at controling Marion around the screen with the A_S_D_ & W buttons. I've never used the arrow keys. Oh well.
| News | 7-23-02
Added more pop-up and ad killing pages. Thanks to for the page. Also I would like you to all know that voting has started on the BotW. Its our 1st one and I hope you all vote. Not much else to say, sorry for the slow update ive been away from my computer for the last 10 days. And have just recently got home were my web site files are.

All of you who have a website please place this pictute somewhere. Its not a link just a message. I hope you all do.

| News | 7-18-02
Updates in the black list section. Added the most recent names. Also 2 new sections are up. PW cracking and About GC. Check them out please. Also the board of the month compition is nearing the end of the nominations. We have room for only one more. If you own and ezboard. Please submit yours. Voting will start when we have 4 nominations. (we have 3).

Im a little under staffded right now, what I need is someone to surf around and look for ROM sites. Also free ware games, demos, and Crackz for game that cost money. Send e-mail to CotBC(AT)charter(dot)net
| News | 7-15-02
Well now that everything is up we can start designing websites and ezboards if you would like to see on of our templates then post a thread on the forums. (link on the side bar).

Not much of an update but well, not much was updated. Direct all e-mail to CotBC(AT)charter(DOT)net
| News | 7-13-02
Added some new stuff to the ad kill page. We now have a 100% fool proof un traceable way of killing the ads on tripod. Its great. I even use it on my page. Isnt tripod great.

Now I know tripod dosnt allow remote loading (yeah it sucks) but there is a way to get around that. Well its not exactly the quickest way but after you set everything up it works great. Ok heres what you do:
  1. Go to
  2. Make an acount.
  3. Store your images there.
  4. Find the URL of your image
  5. Post your pic on a forums or website (not one on

If you see your image it worked! Congrats! You now have 100 MB of free storage for your pics! But virtue only allows 20 MB of daily bandwidth. So for large images try making another acount. Also dont forget to make an index.html file. If you dont your acount is canceled. You can have as many acounts as you like. SO thats great for people who need some space to host the images on there site. If you know of any other sites that allow remote loading please drop us a line on the message forums.
| News | 7-12-02
New design. We now have a web host that allows SSI, or server side iclude. Thoughs of you who know something about webpages know that using SSI makes link tables (like the one on the left) MUCH easier.

Although our host (tripod) puts ads on the page, we easily hacked them out so without the ads we have no reason to hate tripod. And they allow alot of file types. (including .shtml) If you would like to know how to hack evil pop-up or banner ads out of your webpage then please, use or link on the side bar (Ad Killing) Becuase the web wasnt made for ads. It was made for content and we dont need the advertizers to shove there bullsh!t down our throats. So stick it to em people! Kill the ads!