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About Gameconn-

Game conn was started back in march as a Cs clan (under the name CotBC clan of the blue chiken) We later expanded to include all games not just CS. We now are located at

We try and help admins and webmasters make there site better. By remving ads, getting more secure PW, and even designing layouts for you.

About the New Site-

We now have expanded even more we now design websites and ezboard layouts, and we help in counter exploitation. Such as removing Pop-up ads from FWP (are site is hosted by tripod but you'll noice there are not any ads) And learning how people crack PW to allow you to make a safer more secure website or ezboard. We ask you to please spreas the word.


  1. Service providers should not have to use Ads to help pay for the running cost of there service
  2. All things on the internet should be free
  3. POP-UP are intrusive and should be removed. Banner ads are better.
  4. Ads should not, move flash, or be animated
  5. Ads should be present only if the user asked for them
  6. No one should have to pay to use the interenet